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Seafood Business Accelerator

Introduction & Focus


SBA Online Resources were designed to help you capture more value for your harvests through innovation, such as the development of new products or business systems. The Innovation Plan Canvas is a one-page document that helps you focus on what matters.  This tool is a roadmap and visual aid to help you stay on track and communicate to partners, investors, and buyers on what exactly you plan to do.  


Complete all 10 modules by watching the webinars and filling in the 10 boxes in the Innovation Plan Canvas.  

Project Focus

Your project focus is the first building block for your Innovation Plan Canvas. In this section, you must describe the purpose of your project. Use SMART goals (covered in this webinar) to create a realistic plan for your goals with accountability.  


When you’ve finished this section, use the buttons below the video to navigate to the next module.

Watch Webinar One Below!

Learn from Brady Calancie and Debra Hellbach in this webinar about the Seafood Business Accelerator, innovation, and how to focus the scope of your project. 


Host: Debra Hellbach, Seafood Business Accelerator

Speaker: Brady Calancie, Ownward Consulting Ltd. 

Ready to Fill in your Innovation Canvas?

Download the Innovation Plan Canvas below

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