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Seafood Business Accelerator

with SBA Online Resources

Capture more value for your harvest

SBA Online Resources were created to guide Seafood entrepreneurs, in any stage of business, in developing new products or services. These resources are made up of 10 modules that provide step-by-step instructions on filling in your Innovation Plan Canvas and provide valuable information on each topic through the SBA Innovation Plan Canvas Webinar Series. 

By completing the Innovation Plan Canvas, you will create a roadmap to help you develop new products or services to capture more value from your harvest. The Innovation Plan Canvas is designed to help you reach your goals and make it easy for you, your partners, buyers, and investors to understand what you are doing and how you will get there.

The Innovation Plan Canvas

Your Roadmap to Success

Ready to Get Started?

Download the Innovation Plan Canvas and head over to Module One of the SBA Online Resources


Each of the following modules includes a webinar with an industry expert and instructions on how to fill in your Innovation Plan Canvas. You can choose to complete these modules at any time and in any order. By the end of this practical learning series, you should be able to fill in your own Innovation Plan Canvas.

Total Duration: ~ 5h 35 min

Ready to take the next step?

Seafood Business Accelerator

The Seafood Business Accelerator, or SBA, is a 4-month training and mentorship program that  helps small-scale fishers, farmers and processors develop more sustainable, profitable businesses. It does so by connecting seafood entrepreneurs with the resources and expertise they need to innovate and prosper.  Sign up for the SBA information list to be the first to learn about the next SBA intake.

Hear what SBA Graduates have to say about their journey

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We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia through the Ministry of Agriculture and Food


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