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Funding and Grant Writing

Funding and Grant Writing

There are multiple types of funding available to businesses and organizations. There are pros and cons to each type of financing and what avenue you choose to take will depend on your level of comfort as well as your goals.


Learn about the different types of funding in Webinar 3, along with grant writing strategies.


To fill in the Funding box of your Innovation Plan Canvas, figure out how much funding you need to meet your goals and identify funding sources that are available to you. 

Watch Webinar Three Below!

Noortje De Weers, from Noortje Writes, dives right into the topic of Funding and Grant Writing and highlights the importance of having a clear understanding of your business and purpose for funding applications. 

Host: Debra Hellbach, Seafood Business Accelerator

Speaker: Noortje de Weers, Noortje Writes 

Ready to Fill in your Innovation Canvas?

Download the Innovation Plan Canvas below

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