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Seafood Business Accelerator



Regulations can have a major impact on the success or failure of your project. Bottom line, know the regulations before you start any project!


The seafood sector is subject to many regulations and while this webinar focuses on food regulations, you may need to consider other regulations as well.  

To fill in the Regulations box in your Innovation Plan Canvas, start by outlining the regulations relevant to your project (local, international, consumer driven). Under each of these areas, identify the certifying bodies you will need to work with. 

Watch Webinar Four Below!

In this webinar, Sean Xia dives into the types of food regulations, labelling and packaging requirements, how to identify factors that determine product safety, and popular consumer expected certifications for seafood.


Host: Brady Calancie, Ownward Consulting Ltd.

Speaker: Sean Xia, Xtra Food Safety Ltd.

Ready to Fill in your Innovation Canvas?

Download the Innovation Plan Canvas below

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