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Business Systems

Business Systems

Good records and book keeping systems are the foundation for a good business or community organization. You want to choose a good system or software that fits your operation and that you have the training (or ability to train someone else) to operate. One of the first steps is to decide your business structure - whether you will operate as a Proprietorship or Incorporation.


In Webinar 6, Stacey Harper, MNP, walks through some of the benefits and limitations of both options from a financial perspective. You will also learn about factors of your business operations that will impact your business system choices, along with some suggested accounting software for small-scale businesses.  


To fill in the Business Systems box in your Innovation Plan Canvas you will first need to identify each of the areas in your business that you need to track (production, distribution, sales systems) because good accounting software can track reporting requirements in these areas. Write down the business systems you plan to use.  

Watch Module Six Below!

Learn about the types of business systems and their value from Stacey Harper, BC Onboarding Manager at MNP.


Host: Debra Hellbach, Seafood Business Accelerator

Speaker: Stacey Harper, MNP

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