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Seafood Business Accelerator



There are a variety of different distribution models that can get your product to your consumer (or target market).  Seafood businesses can work with distributors or brokers, and it is important to understand how your distribution model impacts the cost of your product.


In Webinar 7, Bruce Wallinger gives his expert advice on distribution options and factors you should consider when choosing the distribution model that fits your business.


To fill in the distribution box of your Innovation Plan Canvas, identify the channels you plan to use and give any available details on who you will be working with (and how). 

Watch Webinar Seven Below!

From catch to consumer, learn about small -scale seafood distribution with the SBA’s Seafood Marketing Expert, Bruce Wallinger


Host: Brady Calancie, Ownward Consulting Ltd. 

Speaker: Bruce Wallinger, Seafood Marketing Expert

Ready to Fill in your Innovation Canvas?

Download the Innovation Plan Canvas below

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