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Marketing makes you more effective at selling*.


Your marketing activities are the key things that you will do to drive sales and meet your goals. It is important for your target market to understand and connect with your business.

In Webinar 8, Greg McLaren from Farm Food Drink explains how you can approach marketing with your business and the factors you need to consider for sales.  

To fill in the Marketing Activities box in your Innovation Plan Canvas, write out your marketing activities (ACTIONS) that you plan to undertake. 

*Marketing principles also apply to community-based organizations distributing products or services to community members. 

Watch Webinar Eight Below!

Join Greg McLaren from Farm Food Drink as he breaks down various marketing activities that can propel your business towards its goals. 


Host: Debra Hellbach, Seafood Business Accelerator

Speaker: Greg McLaren, Farm Food Drink

Ready to Fill in your Innovation Canvas?

Download the Innovation Plan Canvas below

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